About Us

This is RelishMart, where we meet all of your food and grocery needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the top leading food vendors in Nigeria and beyond by fostering health and wellness as well as joy and happiness through healthy eating. Research states the fact that We(humans) are what we eat; inside and out. As the saying goes, an hungry man is an angry man, likewise, a well fed man is indeed an happy man. Just like love, food makes the world go round. So we give you food to Relish, be merry and be glad. 'Nobody wey no like food!'

Our Goal

At Relishmart, our customers are king. We treat all our customers with utmost care and professionalism. We guarantee all our customers/consumers to have whole, healthy, delicious, delightful Relish experience.
Also of key note is that we a part of our profits goes into charitable causes so we commit 5% of all proceeds to children in the orphanage. We believe in the future of our children. They are the hope of future generations. They are posterity and It is our way of giving back to our society.

What We Provide?

The major things you can expect from us

Best Prices & Offers

Patronising RelishMart, you can be assured that for whatever product it is that you are getting, you are getting them at the best prices available in the market.

Food Sourcing for Events

Do you at any time need to get food items for a small or large event like a famly gathering or wedding ceremony? RelishMart is your plug! That's what we do and you will love how we do it!


Coming with our products is a fine level of top-packaging to ensure that your products are in the best shape and form when it gets to you.

Same Day Delivery

Food is to be eaten when it's wanted so RelishMart offers you a rare service that gets you your food items or our other products like fruits, condiments, e.t.c. when you want it. By the way, it comes at a cost.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Great Daily Deals Discount

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