Edible starch (Usi)

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Edible starch (usi) is a staple for the people of Itsekiris, Urhobos and Isokohs in the Delta State in Nigeria.

Usi is an accompaniment for such soups as banga and Owoh.

It is made from the starch residue collected from cassava, when processing garri (tapioca).

Futhermore, Starch (edible starch) is a beloved food of the Niger Deltans in Nigeria. It is made from cassava plant and called Usi by the Urhobos of Delta State.

The white starch is dissolved in water in a pan which is heated and stirred into a thick mound, with palm oil added to give the starch its unique orange-yellow colour.

However, it is best enjoyed with banga soup or Owo soup. When eaten, it provides energy for you to carry out your daily activities.

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